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Author Topic: I as of now have Eiko at 7 star, do I require Citra?  (Read 1238 times)

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I as of now have Eiko at 7 star, do I require Citra?
« on: Oct 19, 2018, 03:01:02 PM »
You needn't bother with her. She's an awesome unit, simple to apparatus and speedy to detail up. She's madly valuable in story missions, ready to hit most components (lie-all components between Arc Arcana and her tremendous... weapon and esper determination) and ready to keep the esper check up, regen mana, and so on and so forth. Eiko brings unexpected help in comparison to Citra (for her situation, average recuperating), yet Citra's capacity to slope a tie up should mean something. In case you're pursuing the meta, and have a BIS Hyoh with 400% assault and two of Queen's STMRs get assignment help online and a Fanservice Nichol to water instill him after a 110% Water risk from Fanservice Fina, no doubt, that is wonderful, quit pulling, you beat the amusement as of now. In the event that you whiffed on Hyoh (as I did), and don't stack your diversion with the most perfectly awesome units accessible to you at all conceivable occasions, she's not terrible.

There are no preliminaries where she sparkles solely well, in spite of the fact that I find by and by that she's enjoyment on Calcobrena.

Shouldn't something be said about CG Summer Citra And WaterLadyWhoseNameIForget?

From what I can find in their unit, they're a blend of Citra's pack, Folka's unit, and everything is water themed. That aides and damages helps, since then she can profit by jeopardizes and essential affixing, yet then she's more futile if the foe disregards or retains water. Colka is an unbiasedly better unit, in that she has WAY more stuff to do, however OG Citra is still pretty bae.

Likewise, they're pay to win. In Eagleland, they're going to likely cost 47 american dollars, 140 canadian dollars, 999 rupees, or whatever money you use to get them, and afterward asking you pull a hoodwink. I dunno. Colka feels super ruthless.