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Title: NEW KOMPAS-3D V13 released!
Post by: lankinen on Nov 24, 2011, 07:17:12 PM
Dear all, we are glad to announce release of a new version of our MCAD solution - KOMPAS-3D V13!

This new release features more than 100 enhancements that permit customers to increase their productivity through better usability, simplified product development, and quicker design-to-product processes – with fewer errors along the way.

Solid Modeling and Drawing Enhancements

Advanced Surface Modeling

New types of surfaces have been added to KOMPAS-3D, which can be analyzed:

    * Curve to a law
    * Spline on a surface
    * Outline
    * Isoparametrical curve
    * Group of isoparametric curves on a surface
    * Curve by two projections
    * Projective curve
    * Contour

BOM and Properties Reporting

The new auto balloon function inserts balloon leaders automatically in 2D drawings, details, and 3D assemblies.

The new APM FEM (finite element methods) add-in is a fully integrated stress analysis solution that operates in a single window.

Mould and Die Design System
]The new Dimensional Chain Calculation add-in places dimension chains in drawings and details.

The new Welding Symbols library

The new Pack and Go add-in

To try out these new features, download KOMPAS-3D V13 for a 30-day free trial from ascon.net/download/kompas/
Title: NEW KOMPAS 3D V13 released
Post by: TherAces on Mar 28, 2016, 03:23:57 PM
Good with all of that, but there are no skins because there are no new skins that work with the new post editor etc.
Title: Re: NEW KOMPAS-3D V13 released!
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Title: Re: NEW KOMPAS-3D V13 released!
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