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Hi all,

I bought a 6th gen iPad last week and had to do a warranty exchange today for edge lighting not working on the left side.

My replacement iPad just shows suspended apps when I enter App Switcher instead of suspended apps AND the Notification Center. Any ideas what could be wrong? Is there something in the settings I have missed? I already factory reset and updated software.

Thanks for your help.

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I heard about Japanese pills against aging, they say that with the help you can improve memory and brain activity. Have you heard about this?
Probably you mean the Japanese nootropic drug gammalon it improves memory, increases the speed of thinking and perception, helps reduce or stabilize pressure and stabilize it, normalizes sleep and much more. I just want to warn you that all these effects will be only with the purchase of this gammalon produced in Japan, produced in other countries - this is a fake

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I have not heard about such medicine, but I think that they are effective. I really like products from Japan, they are always of good quality

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