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thats cool

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If your friend is male, he could certainly have some issues. If female, then it is the way she is brought up. If she is living outside Turkey, or even in urban/western parts of  at Turkey, it wouldn't sound that normal.

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Probably there is not a single person who would like to spend his life alone. And now we are not talking about friends and acquaintances. It is about the native and beloved person. They all had fierce novels, numerous short-term relationships, but everyone in the end wanted stability and confidence in the future. I want something more than just non-binding meetings.
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No matter what you are looking for either it’s a shoe store, gifts.

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No matter what you are looking for either it’s a shoe store, gifts.

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Examine all available information about the region where we want to go: the labor market, the cost of renting housing.

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This whole thing appears as though you chose first story was simply the story you needed to tell, about yourself, and possibly about how you believe you're not so awful any longer but rather truly no one with two cerebrum cells really thinks youve gained ground towards being a pleasant individual past fabulous suggestions and lip administration

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