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Author Topic: The system requirements for KOMPAS-3D V8  (Read 610 times)

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The system requirements for KOMPAS-3D V8
« on: Jun 14, 2018, 07:05:37 PM »

The system requirements for KOMPAS-3D V8 are a personal computer based on Intel-compatible processors running under either Windows 2000 with SP2 installed or Windows XP with at least SP1 installed. Minimum requirements are at least a Pentium II 450MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, with at least an SVGA graphics card and 4MB of video memory. A CD-ROM drive is necessary for installation, as is at least 100MB of free hard drive disk space. A mouse or 3D navigation device is required for operation. As with most major design or visualization applications, hardware requirements increase with the complexity of the tasks to be performed; better performance will result with systems that have more than the minimum requirements. A USB hardware dongle is used for security.

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