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Best Cooling Pillows
« on: Mar 06, 2019, 02:32:20 PM »
Useful characteristics of the pillow depend on many factors, but the main one is the choice of a suitable filler. It determines the degree of rigidity of the product and its orthopedic properties. Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials. Which one is right for you, and what is the advantage of each of them?
What to consider when choosing a filler
It is recommended to choose a filler based on personal criteria of comfort and health. One is comfortable to sleep on soft pillows, others prefer hard surfaces. In winter you want to drown in something warm and cozy, in the summer to feel the pleasant coolness. Do not forget about the possible Allergy to certain materials.
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What is the stiffness of the pillow you are comfortable?
The first thing you should decide for yourself-how soft your pillow should be. Products with down or holofiber are extremely low rigidity, but constantly sleeping on them is not very useful for the spine. In the morning, the neck muscles may become numb, there is a feeling of discomfort.

Orthopedic pillows are a great alternative to the traditional sleep accessory. They have medium and high stiffness, ensure the correct position of the neck and head. As a result, you get the opportunity to relax, sleep well and get up in the morning cheerful.

What position do you sleep in?
Sleep posture-the main criterion in the selection of the height of the accessory for sleep. The lowest and softest suit lovers to sleep on his stomach. The average height of the product is recommended for those who prefer to spend the night on the back. You are a fan of sleeping on your side - choose an accessory on the shoulder width. The pillow should provide the spine with the correct horizontal position.
Do you ever get hot on a pillow?
Another important criterion is thermoregulation. Just a pillow with down, wool, polyester, hollofayber or bamboo are soft. Your head is literally buried in it. In winter, this product is still possible to sleep, but in the summer it becomes very hot.

I know the feeling when your neck and head sweat heavily at night. The pillow also becomes wet and warm. It has to be turned over several times a night. As a result, a good sleep does not work, and the morning begins with a headache and bad mood.

Gel pillows have a cooling effect. They are recommended to be used in summer.

Time spent on pillow care
As all products are for sleeping, pillows care. It's not just about washing pillowcases. The filler also needs cleaning.

Synthetic fibers are easy to wash and dries quickly. Time for care of products with them is required a little.
Natural latex and memorial require regular wiping with a damp cloth, which takes even less time.
Wool and fluff need frequent drying. In addition, pillows with these fillers should be knocked out from the dust accumulating in them to avoid the appearance of dust mites that cause allergies.
There is no time for long — term care of accessories for sleep-choose products with appropriate fillers.

How long would you like to use the pillow?
An important characteristic of the filler is its service life. How long do you plan to use your pillow? The manufacturer shall attach an instruction manual to the product indicating the warranty period of use. During this period, it will retain its shape, elasticity and other quality characteristics. It remains only to choose a pillow that meets your requirements.