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Author Topic: How To Clean Leather Jackets At Home  (Read 32 times)

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How To Clean Leather Jackets At Home
« on: Aug 29, 2019, 11:56:29 AM »
Leather jackets are very delicate, No matter how expensive you buy or how good the material of jacket but you can't wash it in the washing machine, Then we have only one option to clean it from dry cleaners in which our lots of money are wasted but not now, all can do it all at home themselves. Here are some DIY tips are given below that save your time and money as well. I have cleaned my burgundy men leather jacket by using this tip. I have made a solution of warm water and dish soap then take a soft cloth and wet it into the soap solution and clean the jacket with this cloth then dry the jacket with a towel. This technique will help to clean up the stains.